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The remains of a medieval period garden city, along with a history that spans over 2000 years, have made Colombo dense with architectural and archeological attractions, hidden from the first glance. Some of the historical attractions built during the kingdom of Sri Jayawadhanapura Kotte, the last native sovereign to unify all Sri Lanka under one regime, such as King’s palace, temple of tooth relic, royal cemetery and royal paddy field are still present illustrating the lost superiority. After gaining control over Colombo, the British Colonials planned Colombo as a “garden city” with a central administrative city surrounded by circular belts of residential areas and green areas.Colombo possesses a spectacular natural port, and therefore, has always lured Indians, Greeks, Persians, Romans, Arabs and Chinese travelers & traders for thousands of years.

One of the best views to understand Colombo is to see it through the eyes of city dwellers that call Colombo home. A senior family that has lived in this city for many generations will be able to give you great insight into its very thinking.

When travelling in an urbanized city, it is quite natural that most of the things go unnoticed at the first glance due to its busyness. Yet, for most of our history, Colombo was the first planned city in Sri Lanka. City layout presents multicultural elements and spaces. When the sun winds up and the hustle and bustle of the city perishes, the breathtaking architectural monuments built during the ancient Kingdom of Kotte and under the ruling of three European Colonials will stand up for you.

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Air-Con car/Mini Coach


Full Day

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at Gerard Mendis Chocolatier



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Min 2, Max 10 -Children U/10 Free

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Accommodation, Lunch at Sea Food Res

Local Cash Needed

20$-For Street Food


Site -Seeing, Event & ritual attendance

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Welcome Refreshment
Personable tour guide
Local House Dinner
Free Museum Entry

your stay

Sri Lanka Family Holidays

Trip Itinerary

2.30 PMYour tour start with a visit to the Parliament and Parliamentary complex of Sri Lanka. The design of the building is a masterpiece of the veteran late architect Jeffry Bawa. The architecture of the building speaks for itself about what politics for Sri Lankan community.

From the capital city you head towards where the Colonial upper-middle class dwellers settled, Cinnamon Garden, now predominantly occupied by government officials. Ideologically, what Colombo is for its occupants is defined by the culture of this area.

Next you come to the most spiritually heightened area of Colombo, Gangayamaya Temple. After getting involved with ritualistic activities, you head towards the sun set at the beach.

Galle Face Green is where locals gather to enjoy time away from the hustle and bustle of life and enjoy various social activities by the sunset.

6.30 PMThe spiritual enlightenment of your tour experience comes through your dinner, shaped by traditional beliefs, nutritional values, spiritual believes, and rituals, at a local house.

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Colombo Night Tour

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