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See wildlife in a totally different light5 HOURS / PER PERSON $ 184.30PM / 9.30pm

What we do In Colombo Nocturnal Wildlife tour?? While some animals are active during the day, others are nocturnal. Twice daily, as the sun rises and later sets, animals around the world swap places, taking turns to use the food and water supplies of a particular area. Nocturnal animals generally have highly developed hearing and smelling characteristics and their eyesight is specially adapted to low-light conditions. They are scent tasters, sound navigators and night hunters, and comprise almost half of all living vertebrates.
Although we may not notice, during the day, wildlife behavior is largely disturbed by human presence. During the night, however, we are able to observe it closely. Viewing wildlife at night in an urban setting is a unique experience – a great opportunity to obtain a view of the local environment from a totally different perspective. This tour will suit anyone who is interested in wildlife and wants to experience it in a special and different setting. Learn More : Colombo Nocturnal Wildlife tour

Why Colombo Nocturnal Wildlife tour ?? Around half of the animals on this planet are nocturnal, meaning they’re active after dark. There are wonders of the natural world that can only be experienced at night and many new things to discover once darkness falls. If you’re planning on visiting Sri Lanka, make sure at least one night safari is included on your itinerary so you can immerse yourself in this magical world!
Offering a unique insight into life after sunset in a tropical country, the night safari tour opens the door to a new and exciting world of different animals, many of which are among the island’s rarest and most elusive. Of course, there is always a chance of seeing animals during the day, but the big cats, civets, owls and moths. Come to life at night – book now for your chance to see them!

Key Details



Start Time

4.30 pm


Tuk Tuk/Jeep


5 hours

Meeting point

Villa Ivy Crest

Tour Highlights

Group Size

Min 2, Max 10

Options to Book


Local Cash Needed

20$ -For Entrance tickets


Wildlife spotting, Walking

What Included

Welcome Refreshment
Personable tour guide
Bird Checklist
Packed Breakfast

your stay

Sri Lanka Night Safari Hotel, Nocturnal Wildlife Hotel

Trip Itinerary

6.30 PMLets start Colombo Nocturnal Wildlife tour. As the day progresses beyond the twilight time of the day, nocturnal animals belong to different ecological niche cycles start to become active gradually. This is the time to start your tour.

Your first encounters will be twilight animals. These soft-bodied, and hence relatively defenseless, insects spend the day hidden in cracks or temporarily shelters, only to come out during the twilight time in search of plant based food.

While some nocturnal animals become active during the night time to minimize the risk of predation, some animals become nocturnal to minimize the competition for food. Those are the type of species that you will encounter during the next phase of your tour. Some of the common encounters are Rusty Spotted Cat, and Ceylon Jackal.

As you go deeper into the night some nocturnal bird species, such as bats and owls, along with various species of civets, start to become active. In addition, this is the time for various snakes, such as Cobras, and Vipers to start the day in search of food.

10.30 PMNow are reach to the second part of Colombo Nocturnal Wildlife tour. Through the journey maintaining your composure and calmness, and following the strict guidelines provided by our team are extremely important to have an enjoyable nocturnal tour, since nocturnal animals are extremely sensitive to sounds and smell. Our Colombo Nocturnal Wildlife tour is a totally different experience in a tropical urban area.

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