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Birding with Kids5 HOURS / Family rate 4 Pax: $ 605.45AM

Bird watching is a team activity and hence it’s a perfect family activity. In addition, bird watching is an art and a discipline that you must master, in order to enjoy. With right guidance, families can accomplish these skills effectively through collectivity of the family and make bird watching unforgettable.
Sri Lanka, which consists of a central highland belt, coastal plains and wet & dry zone forests, is geographically placed at the tip of Indian peninsula, which marks the end of journey for species migrating annually from the northern winter, providing variety of habitats for a diverse range of bird species. Colombo is no difference. A network of wetlands has made bird life of Colombo exotic and therefore would provide excellent atmosphere for your family to enjoy bird watching in an urban environment.

When we think back on our childhood, it is quite clear that what we remember most is, being outside. Nothing is changed, still kids are naturally curious about the nature. A magical encounter with herons, cormorants, purple swamphen, black headed oriole in a totally foreign territory gives them something to enjoy for the rest of their lives and they can be lifelong nature lovers. Parents will be the most thrilled when they see a child’s face light up with natural curiosity when spotting an unusual bird. Urban birding is a fun & educational activity which gives opportunity to the family in order to build the unity and team spirit. Every interaction is unique and rewarding which gives your family trip to Sri Lanka a different color. Our Urban birding tour encourage young birders to develop a healthy hobby.

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Start Time

5.45 am




5 hours

Meeting point

Villa Ivy Crest/Ape Gama


Family | Friends

Tour Highlights

Group Size

Min 2, Max 8 (Price is Calculated on the basis of 4)

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Local Cash Needed

20$ -For Entrance


Birding, Drawing, Fun Games

What Included

Welcome Refreshment
Personable tour guide
Bird Record Book
Packed Breakfast

your stay

Sri Lanka Family Holiday

Trip Itinerary

5.45 AMWelcome to our charming villa, the Rustic Chic. Of course we know that it’s an odd time if you are with small kids. But, if we don’t start by that time you are going to miss the best part. While we brief you about the tour, kids can start looking for some early birds at our roof terrace. To make it more fun and enjoyable for kids, a small activity is arranged to mark the birds they see. We are good to go when you are finished with your tea or coffee.

6.00 AMThe walk from the villa to our main starting point, the best birding location in Colombo, can be real fun especially for kids. Expect couple of domestic species of birds through the walk. Before we start the round tour of about 3 Km, we will provide some sheets with bird’s name and picture to kids to mark whenever they see them. Here we have a good chance of seeing most colorful birds in Colombo like tanagers, purple swamphen, blue tailed bee eater, black hooded oriole and peasant tailed jacana. Parents can help children to do the activity, making use of the situation to build the unity and team spirit.

7.00 AMLet’s take a short break and take the breakfast at the small marshy land that you find at the end of the round tour. After the break, we can go exploring for more birds around the marshy land area. You will be impressed by an exciting show of Purple heron at the reed bed as it feeds on a variety of aquatic animals while black headed Ibis covered to Asian open bills.

7.30 AMThe main wetland area in Colombo is our next hotspot where you can continue your bird chase while children can fill in other boxes with ticks in the provided sheets. You will look for few endemics such as Sri Lankan green pigeon, Sri Lankan barbet, greater Sri Lankan flame back, Ceylon hanging parrot here.

Besides, your kids will be delighted by the pied kingfisher’s hunt which you can see rarely and take on the challenge of photographing the same.

9.00 AMAfter the photographic birding & eco walk of nearly 4 hours, your kids must be exhausted and the vehicle will just be at the park entrance to drop you to the accommodation, if you are not staying with us at the Rustic Chic.

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