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Nom: Nim Rosef Email: [email protected] WhatsApp/Phone (Texte) :  +94 75 60 666 45 Date de naissance:  1987 Nationalité: Sri Lankan Je suis un passionné de voyages et un  autorisé Guide-francophone...

30 09 2018 / Posted by Nimnaka
How to Extend Visa in Sri Lanka

If you're looking to extend your visa in Sri Lanka, it's important to note that obtaining the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) before arrival is a mandatory requirement for all travelers...

06 05 2018 / Posted by Nimnaka
Ein Brief von deinem zweiten Zuhause !!

Mit den steigenden Trends des globalen Tourismus glauben wir daran, in einem typischen Stadthotel zu wohnen, um nicht die Essenz der lokalen Kultur, der Natur und der Manierismen der Einheimischen...

24 04 2018 / Posted by Nimnaka
The Secret of Sri Lankan country life

Sri Lanka has its national identity on the countryside. Just like in other parts of the world, the early settlers of Sri Lanka knew exactly how to be part of...

28 10 2017 / Posted by Nimnaka
Top 10 Unusual Things to Do in Colombo

Cooking in a different country is the best way to get close to the culture and local etiquette – most of what you need to know is connected to the...

08 09 2017 / Posted by Nimnaka