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Extend Visa in Sri Lanka

If you’re looking to extend your visa in Sri Lanka, it’s important to note that obtaining the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) before arrival is a mandatory requirement for all travelers

How can I extend my Sri Lanka visa?

There are two methods to extend your Sri Lanka visa:

In-Person Application:

To extend your visa, you need to submit an application to the visa section of the Department of Immigration & Emigration (Head Office). This can be done by visiting the department in person.

Online Application:

Alternatively, you can also apply for a visa extension through the online visit visa extension portal called e-Visa Extension. This provides a convenient and efficient way to extend your visa without the need for an in-person visit.


Can I apply for another visa before it expires?

If you are a tourist who entered Sri Lanka within the landing endorsement period granted by the authorized officers at the port of entry, you can apply for a visa extension before your current visa expires.

How many times can a tourist visa be extended?

In the first instance you can get an extension of up to 90 days from the date of arrival.


Secondly, another 90 days summing up to 180 days from the date of arrival.

Documents Required for Extending a Visit Visa:

If you have obtained a short-term visit visa, you must acquire the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) before entering Sri Lanka. Foreigners should not enter the country without obtaining an ETA.

For a Tourist Visa, the following documents are needed:

✓ Return air ticket.
✓ Address and telephone number of the place of accommodation.
✓ Completed application form with a photograph of the applicant.
✓ Valid Passport.
It is compulsory for the applicant to be present during the application and collection of the visa. This requirement is applicable only for those submitting applications at the Department of Immigration and Emigration (Head Office).

For a Business Visa, the following documents are required:

✓ Completed application form with a photograph of the applicant.
✓ Request letter from the business institute/company/agency to extend the business visa.
✓ Valid Passport.
✓ The relevant person or an authorized representative from the business institute should be present to collect the visa.
By following these guidelines and providing the necessary documents, you can smoothly extend your tourist visit visa in Sri Lanka.


Key Details

New Immigration office sri lanka Address & Route

If you plan to visit the immigration department in person and prefer to handle the process on your own, here is a comprehensive DIY guide to help you through the process. Your Visa Extension Sri Lanka Address: 4th Floor, Suhurupaya, Sri Subhuthipura Road, Battaramulla.

Sri Lanka Visa Extension Photo Size

Sri Lanka Visa Extension Photo Size : 35mm ( Width ) x 45mm (Height). Head must be between 70 -80 from the bottom of the chin to the top of the head. The background should be white. Photos must be in high-resolution colour taken in the last 6 months. You need to take the photo with a neutral expression. Wearing Glasses and head-wear are not permitted except religious or medical reason.

Sri Lanka Visa Extension Photo Size

Sri Lanka Tourist Visa Extension Fee

Sri Lanka tourist Visa Extension Fee is Depend on Your Country. Please Check Your Visa Extension Cost here : Country and Visa Extension Fee


So, let us begin with the list of what you need there


Duly filled an application form

1 Passport photo


Return ticket (optional)

Cash / credit card for visa extension fee


It will be a lot easier if you do your homework before going there.

Download Here Sri Lanka Visa Extension Application Form , print it and fill it properly. Take the photo and paste it on the appropriate place of the application.


But, don’t worry if you couldn’t. You can take the application from there and fill. There is a photo counter too.

When to Go

The office is open Monday to Friday from 8.30 AM to 4.30 PM. But earlier you go, lesser the time you spend.


However, you will have to spend some time waiting for your passport to come back. Hence better to be prepared with some entertainment, snacks and water.

Our Experince

tourist visa to sri lanka, Visa Extension Sri Lanka address

We understand the challenges and concerns involved in extending visas in Sri Lanka. Being located near the visa office, we have hosted many guests who have gone through this process. Their questions and expressions reflect the confusion involved. Therefore, as a group of tour guides, we aim to share our knowledge and make the visa extension process in Sri Lanka easier for you.

DIY Guide to Extending a Visa in Sri Lanka in Person

4th Floor } immigration office sri lanka

Step by step guide to sri lanka visa extension process


Front appearance of Immigration office sri lanka

You will be right there at the entrance to the Department of Immigration and Emigration to extend visa in Sri Lanka.


Just follow the crowd and enter the building through the doors on your left. Walk to the back of the busy waiting area and take the exit to your right hand.


Cross the small street and head up to the building where your office is in. Enter the building from the first glass door.


Walk up to the elevators passing the front desk and take the elevators on your right hand side to get to the 4th Floor of the building. (You can NOT take the elevators on your left as they cater to floors above 9th level)

Tip : Try to be there by 8.30 AM itself to avoid any delays.


Sri Lanka Visa Application Form

Take the right turn, walk up to the Visa division and enter the room passing the sign board which says “Welcome to the Visa Division”. Here you have to follow few steps to extend visa in Sri Lanka


If you already have the duly completed application form along with a passport sized photo attached to it then there is nothing much to do here.


Just hand the application over to the Token Issuing Counter that you find as soon as you enter the Visa division and obtain a token.


Don’t forget to take the application back with you!!


Sri lanka immigration office colombo-Photo-counter

If not, take an application from the Token Issuing Counter. Fill it properly and proceed to the photo counter to take a photo.


Then show the filled application along with the photo back to the Token Issuing Counter and obtain a token from the Token Issuing Counter.


Sri lanka visa extension process 4th Step

Go to the waiting area in the same room and stay vigilant for your number to be flashed on monitors.


Once your number is called, hand over your token to the clerk behind the desk who scan it and ask you to proceed to Visa Applications Acceptance Unit.


Sri lanka visa extension process -Application Accepting Unit

In here, there are 4 small office rooms labelled A to D and a waiting area where token numbers appear on a monitor as earlier.


Take a seat and wait for your number to be flashed on the screen and proceed to the relevant office room mentioned against your token.


The visa officer there will check your application, scan your passport and instruct you to do the payment at paying counters in Visa Division (where you started the process).


The Payment of Sri lanka visa extension process

Head back to the Payment Counters and again wait for your token number to appear on the screen.


When your number is called proceed to the counter, hand over your token and pay the relevant amount for your country of origin.


You can either pay the equal amount in Sri Lankan Rupees by cash or in USD itself by credit card. Take your receipt and go to the Visa Issuing Counter.


Sri Lanka Extended visa Issuing Counter, Battaramulla

You will have to stay here for some time where your patience and entertainment options that you brought come in handy.


You can also visit the canteen, found in the first building you entered, to have a snack.


Check the monitors time to time and head to the counters up front when your number is called. Sign the release sheet and get your passport back.


How to Get Sri Lanka Visa extended, Extend visa in Sri Lanka

Make sure that the visa extension sticker is pasted on your passport. Double check the new expiry date and other details.

That is it! You have now earned yourself 60 extra days in Sri Lanka!


Thank you for reading our Visual guide to extend visa in Sri Lanka !

We hope you have a wonderful extended stay in Sri Lanka !!


Accommodation Option

If you are staying outside Colombo we suggest you come to Colombo the previous day and stay in a nearby hotel as you have to be at the immigration office as early as possible to avoid any hassle and get your visa extended within the day itself.

As a quality accommodation option nearby, we would like to propose, which is only 4km away from Immigration Office, for your consideration. Here, you will get a high graded hospitality & the team will help in many ways to get your work done.

DBL Room : 42USD  (Morning tea + Snack included)

SGL Room : 32USD  (Morning tea + Snack included)

Book your room > WhatsApp: +94 (75) 606-6645

Email : [email protected]


cool things to do while visa extension

When you are in Colombo for visa extension, as a traveller, your stay should be meaningful other than just spending your time for the extension. Here are some cool things to do while your visa extension process is going on.

Use this Link:  10 Cool Things to do around Immigration Office Colombo

Colombo Food TourRustic Food Experiences

Visa Extension Gallery

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Right here is the perfect web site for anybody who wants to understand this topic. You realize a whole lot its almost hard to argue with you (not that I actually would want to…HaHa). You certainly put a brand new spin on a subject which has been discussed for many years. Wonderful stuff, just wonderful!

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Really helpful article.

I read somewhere that you can get a Visa extension online by reapplying for the 30 day ETA – is that correct? Everywhere else says you have to go to the immigration office but would be great to avoid the trip as it doesn’t fit well with our travel plans

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Thank you for your feedback. not sure about this.

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Thank youuu!!! Was really good the guide!!! I appreciate you’re time invested!!!

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Thank you for being so helpful when I messaged about the visa extension forms ????????✨ xxx

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Your welcome Ana & Laura!Thank you for your feedbck! ????????✨

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Thank you for your wonderful comment!

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Thank you for the great Guide!

We are planning to travel to Weligama for 60-80 days and will have to get the ETA online. Is it going to be a problem if we indicate the tickets back with dates that are after 60 days, rather than 30 days that ETA visa will be for? Also, does it make sense to go to the immigration office right away after arrival and extend visa, or better to come later?


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Thank you for your comment. Already answered your question. Please ready below

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I am here on a 30 day tourist visa but I have a flight back to India at the end of the 30 days like 1day later ? would that be a issue?
do i need to get a visa extension for that one day?

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Yes, Technically you need to have an extension.

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Thanks for your excellent guide!
Q1: if I go to the visa office can I get an extended visa for my wife too or does she has to show up personally?
Q2: Sri Lanka consulate told me on the phone that there is maybe the possibility to get an extended visa already at the Airport when entering the country. Do you know if that is correct/possible?

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Hello! Thanks for the article! How much will cost each extension? And If I come by online visa and plan to be in SriLanka for 180 days, can I have back tickets booked at the end of 180 days period? Or they should be booked on 30 days expirations of first online visa?

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Thank you for contacting us. We have already answered the question. Please check

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Fantastic guide, I was wondering if it is the same procedure for an extension of visa to a 3 year old child? My daughter is staying more than a month and wouldn’t want any problem when we are in the aitport
Thank you

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Dear Guest,
Thank you for your comment. Yes, it is. that’s the general policy

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You don’t have to take your daughter for the extension. but you need to have documents to approve.

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I am from India and I want to visit Sri Lanka for scuba diving, and my course is 6 months long. Is it possible for me to extend my visa for 6 months, ie first extension is 90 days and then 180 days. How true is that? as i would love to complete my course without leaving srilanka after 3 months as per the out of no where rules !!
Kindly help me with the final and detail inquiry for the said .

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Hi how many days before i need to extend my visa for another 90 days.can i extend my visa before 1 week

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Dear team,
Thanks for your wonderful information. And wanna know,if I need to stay only 5 days more after my 30days visa expired,can I get only 5days visa extension?As I will not stay a month,dont want to waste money for extra 25 days. Please reply me as soon as possible.
Thanks in advance.

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I recently extended my visa for another month. Arrived at 8:30 and had my passport back at 11:30 which I was quite impressed with (I expected to be there all day). I wasn’t asked for proof of funds nor a return flight – not to say they won’t of course.

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Thank you very much for your invaluable feedback. We are extremely happy to hear that our blog helped you to get the visa extended within just 3 hours, which took around 2 days earlier. Yes, they don’t ask for those in some instances but it is always safe to keep them with you to avoid unnecessary hassle

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Hi Rustic Tour Guide. Such an informative article, thank you! Do you know if there are any restrictions on travelling in/out of Sri Lanka whilst on an extended tourist visa? I may need to go back to UK for a few days. Thanks in advance, Briony

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I have a similar question to Bryony! In January, I got my visa extended until the 20th April. I went to Thailand for a week to see a friend and came back yesterday. I was surprised to find out that I needed to buy another 30 day visa at Colombo airport to come back in. Is my original three month visa extension now invalid? Ie do I need to get my 30 day visa (the one I had to get yesterday) extended again? Or am I still ok to stay until the 20th April? I’m somewhat confused, would really appreciate your help! Caroline

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Hi Caroline,

Let me explain you which is not explained anywhere on the internet.
When you apply for online visa (ETA) or On Arrival Visa, you get a 30 day visa with dual entry. However, if you extend it before expiring (ie within first 30 days of your arrival), then you dual entry option gets cancelled automatically and if you leave the country, your whole visa gets cancelled as well. In that case you are considered a new traveler and you will have to get a new visa to re-enter the country. So, in your case, you will have to get a new extension to your new visa if you would like to stay until April.

However, since you get a dual entry with your online 30 day visa, you can leave and re-enter the country during first 30 days of your arrival as long as you have not extended it. Hope this helps and clear !

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Ah thank you for your help! I had assumed it was double entry because the ETA was. Oh well! Glad you are here to clarify things!

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Hi Bryony,

Yes, your visa gets cancelled if you leave the country whilst on extension. So, you will need a new visa to re-enter the country if you leave for UK in between. However, since you get a dual entry with your online 30 day visa, you can leave and re-enter the country during first 30 days of your arrival as long as you have not extended it.

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Got it, thanks so much for taking the time to explain. This is a really useful blog post!

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Hi Briony ! its pleasure to help you !! Have a nice trip !!

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Hi guys! Just wanted to drop you a line to say that I really enjoyed reading your article. Great perspective. Have an awesome day!

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Thank you Ching!! Appreciated !!

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I don’t have an outbound flight as yet, has this typically been a problem for people trying to extend their visas?

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We recommend you to take it with you to avoid unnecessary time waste and rejections.

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Somebody asked the same question above but it hasn’t yet been answered — I will be going to the office to get a visa extension for my family (wife and 2 kids). Does anyone know if everybody needs to be there at the office, or if I can just bring their forms, photos and passports? Thx!

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Except Kids, Others are advised to come ! Parents need to have documents to prove absent children`s custody !

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Hi Team
I was in SriLanka recently (with my wife) for 6 weeks holiday. I extended my visa for another 30 days just before the 30 day current visa, through someone known to immigration office. I paid him 25000Rs for both of us. Is this the correct amount or not. I believe he robbed our money.
Please let me know what is the correct amount in total for 2 of us.
Thanks Sunil

Post Reply

Dear Sunil,
Thank you for reaching to us. We feel sorry about the situation you ran into. Please provide us a little more information. What is your residential country. tks !

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I’m also interested in knowing if it is possible for only me to be present to apply for extensions for our whole family (me, my husband and our baby). I imagine the long wait will make my 6-month-old infant quite cranky and it would be nice to avoid that.
Also is it possible (and if yes, then what is needed) to extend the stay beyond 90 days? We would love to stay for 115 days in total.

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Except Kids, Others are advised to come ! Parents need to have documents to prove absent children`s custody

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Is a flight out required for the extension?

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Hi Daniel,
We recommend you to take it with you to avoid unnecessary time waste and rejections.

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This is fantastic advice. We plan to stay in Sri Lanka for 80 days so we went to the immigrant office on Monday at 2pm just after we arrived in Sri Lanka, but unfortunately they could not process the extension that day. ( A note that although they state they are open until 4pm, they actually stop taking applications at 2pm). We had to leave early the next day to head south and will now have to go back to Colombo to apply. My question is do you know if my wife and daughter have to be present to apply for the visa extensions or can I make the trip back to Colombo myself with their passports and forms? This would save them having to making the trip as well…

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Usually They advice everyone to attend the extension process personally. But let us check your case with them and get back to you.

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Hi, do you know a cheap agency that does visa extension for you? Thanks!

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Dear Clau,
Yes,We have an experienced team of assistants who will give you an invaluable service in extending the visa in Sri Lanka. They will accompany you to relevant places and do the paperwork on behalf of you or guide you to do it. It is a saving of your precious time and you will have your peace of mind.
Please drop us a mail at [email protected] with your request.

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Hii this article is really worth. .I would like to know that I’m landing to sl November 27th. Is there anu possible that I can go n extent my visa on November 29th .. just before I start my journey if I can do it will be awesome. ..thank you for the informations

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Dear Thilini,
Thank you for your message. Yes, This is possible but you need to give them a proper reason for the early extension.

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Hi, I would also like to apply for the extension as soon as I arrive. What would you class as a proper reason? I’m travelling by bicycle so for me returning to the capital from somewhere else on the island would be a lot of time and effort, do you think this would be classed as a valid reason? Thanks in advance! 🙂

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Hi Nicki, Thank you for the question. Yes, it is.

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The great article was written here
This provides a very informative content on the visas

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Thank you for taking time to share your valuable feedback!

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Super helpful, bookmarked! Since it seems so easy to extend your visa, why is there such a strict requirement to show an outward ticket when you arrive? I am coming to SR in a few days and I don’t know how long for – but I have to buy a plane ticket out which I am not planning to use. Do you know of any way round this problem?

Thank you for the helpful post.

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Dear Mike,
I feel sorry to hear if you found any inconvenience to arrive. Please let us know your country to give you some tips.

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I am here on a 30 day tourist visa but I have a flight back to china at the end of the 30 days (Oct-10) my flight coming back to Colombo is not until the (Dec-10) can the extension start when I get back on(Dec-10)?

Also I will be leaving for 8 days (Dec-22-30) for Christmas

What is the most cost effective way to handle this?

Post Reply

Best option would be to come back using a new entry permit rather than extending visa as extension starts immediately after your entry permit (if 30 tourist visa you already have) expires. There is no option to start the extension on the desired day. In your case extension will start Oct 10th and end on Dec 10th as an extension is given for 2 months. So, come back using a new entry permit and extend the new visa accordingly if you wish to stay longer.

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Wow! what a helpful blog… Thank you for your vaulable information as all in one well illustrated guide. Could you please anyone share the price details for extension? My baby son from Germany will stay with his mother for another 2 more months!
Thank you

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we only have one day (Monday) to extend visa, flying Monday late night out of colombo. is it feasible to say that a visa extension can be gotten within ONE DAY? Otherwise we have to arrive in Colombo on Thursday to get it on Friday as office is closed on the weekend. thank you. We would waste 5 days just to get this visa early. We cannot get it when we arrive as we have an ayurveda treatment starting right away and will be picked up at airport in the middle of the night.

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it depends, but mostly you may get the extension within one day.

Post Reply

Great guide, thanks.
We plan to travel Sri Lanka for 35 days, but only plan to stay in Colombo a few days when we arrive, and then return just before we leave.
Do you know if it possible to get the visa extension at the beginning of your stay in Sri Lanka, so we do not have to return to Colombo in the middle of our stay?

Post Reply

Hi Holger,
at the moment It is possible. it could be changed without prior notice. So, we recommend other guest to check if there is new regulation implemented at their time. Hope this helps !!

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Great! This article saved couple of my days. Had it not been for this I would have spent lot of time and money looking for this information. It is quite a comprehensive article with all the required documents, instructions on the process and map inside the office. Since I was staying in a village so far away, I came to Colombo the previous day and stayed at the Villa which very close to the Colombo immigration office. It is a cool place with a great personality. highly recommend to stay if you come a day before to Colombo !!

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Thank you very much for your precious time in giving us a motivating feedback. Really happy to hear that it helped

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Thank you very much for the wonderful Guide. You saved my time !! I have 30 days on arrival Visa and I need another 10 days extension. This week I have to Visit Immigration office, Colombo. This would be a big help !!

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You are welcome and thank you very much for your valuable feedback. Nice to know that it was helpful to you

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sehr gründliche und umsetzbare Guideline, das hat mir sehr geholfen, sonst hätte ich mehr Zeit damit verbringen müssen, nichts im Immigrationsbüro zu wissen. Vielen Dank!!
Ich ging durch das Internet, um zu erfahren, wie Touristenvisa in Sri Lanka verlängert werden können. Zum Glück habe ich das gefunden.

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Ihr Feedback ist sehr geschätzt und großartig zu hören, dass es Ihre Zeit gespart hat. Vielen Dank für den wertvollen Beitrag

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I am traveling to SL for a total of 44 days this July and August. I have taken a gander at the visa application process and I think I can enter with the multi day visit visa, and should then extend it. I’ve likewise observed that I can download and print the shape for extending the visa on-line.

Does anybody know where I have to go to process the augmentation? Are there offices that will help with this (for a charge obviously!) and any thought if extending is costly?

Post Reply

You have to visit the immigration and emigration office in Colombo as mentioned in the article above. There can be some individuals who help with the process but not official places. So, we can’t recommend anyone and I think it is not that difficult to get it done yourself if you follow our article above. Please refer to this link for the cost of extending visa

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Oh wow! Thanks so much for this detailed information about extending a tourist visa. I was actually wondering about that for my travels when I stumbled on to your site. I love all the details and visuals to go with everything. Definitely answered my questions I had!

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You`re Most Welcome !! Thank you for your feedback. I’m glad I was able to help You !!

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Really great information here, I have to read. A visitor wishing to remain over 30 days in Sri Lanka, may apply for an augmentation. The Short Visit visa might be extended up to 90 days from the date of landing in the primary instance and further 90 days at the second instance.

Post Reply

Thank you for your feedback!! it`s a pleasure to hear the guidance is helped

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Great informative article for everyone :). While Sri Lanka offers an approach to get a 30-day Tourist Visa online, getting it extended isn’t as helpful. With a specific end goal to extend your stay in Sri Lanka as a tourist, you should by and by visit the Department of Immigration and Emigration in Colombo and apply for one.

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Thank you for taking the time to write a comment. I`m really glad if it could help you !!

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Excellent guide! All around me people were lost and asking where to go and I was able to help thanks to you!

One note to add, don’t trust that the token numbers appear in order. Be alert!

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Thank you Dave !! Highly appreciate your words and taking time to write.

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