Colombo Urban Wildlife Calendar

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Colombo Sri Lanka Urban wildlife Calendar
Colombo Urban wildlife Calendar
Colombo Urban wildlife Calendar
Meet your wild neighbors up close

Colombo is residence to nearly 2 million humans as well as to an amazing abundance of wildlife. The city is surrounded by freshwater bodies, parks, streets, sanctuaries, beaches and natural lakes. They provide home and food to more than 600 species of wildlife. This is heaven for wildlife in search of food, shelter and places to raise their families. There is nothing to be surprised if you see a group of purple-faced leaf monkeys beyond the high rise buildings, a crocodile beside the road or bus stop or water monitors strolling through a local park. They have settled down in the city with their families.

Colombo Urban wildlife Calendar
What kind of animals you can spot?

We are so proud that we can see so much of wildlife in our capital city. All six types of them, vertebrates such as mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates such as spiders & insects plus different species of plants.

Colombo Urban wildlife Calendar
What to do when encountering wildlife?

Basically, Colombo’s wildlife is not dangerous, except for few species of snakes, spiders, and crocodiles. But keep a safe distance to ensure the safety of both you and wildlife. If you see an injured animal, please call 1992 /0112888585 and make it comfortable by keeping the appropriate distance. Come with us to learn urban wildlife and how they have adjusted to city life.

Colombo Urban wildlife Calendar
When and where to see wildlife?

Sri Lanka is a tropical country and Colombo is located in the wet zone. Wildlife can be seen almost every month, except for migrant birds. Let us guide you to the best wildlife seeing spots in the urban jungle. Learn about their traits and behaviors. Join us to record your wildlife observation.

Colombo Urban wildlife Calendar
What is important?

You can experience the wildlife in Colombo as a close encounter than countryside but the managing expectation is of utmost importance. Great wildlife sightings don’t happen every day and at the exact same time. However, there is the best possible chance of watching something special. Come & join us to draw an urban wildlife calendar. Record wildlife observations & their behaviors. Here are our tips for an unforgettable experience.

  • Be at the right place
  • Be there at the right time of the day
  • Be close to the right habitat
  • Be quiet listen
  • Be against the wind to avoid your scent
  • Be invisible
  • Be there at the right distance
  • Bring right stuff-Go with a Guide
Colombo Urban wildlife Calendar
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The edges of Colombo used to be a perplexing labyrinth of damp wetlands that have, throughout the years, been lost to the advancement and development of both private and business properties. Be that as it may, pockets of these wetlands still exist, splashing up the overabundance water of the rainstorm and giving a urban asylum to the wildlife of Colombo.

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