Solo travel

It is true that you can travel to any destination at anytime when you are travelling alone. However, there are specific destinations which are more suited for solo travel than others. Hence the proper guidance of an experienced guide can make your solo trip a truly unforgettable one

My Wild City Colombo

Colombo is not only home to 2 million people but also hundreds of species of birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, fish, and invertebrates. We are so lucky to have a city...

25 03 2018 / Posted by Nimnaka
Dog Training Lessons for Wildlife Conservation

How is the relation between your pet & wildlife? Do they negatively effect on Urban Wildlife? Here we talk about your Canines. How to train your dog to be wildlife Friendly....

27 02 2018 / Posted by Nimnaka
Colombo Urban Wildlife Refugees

Is Colombo wildlife friendly city? How do we create sustainability for wildlife amidst the hustle and bustle of the city? As the world becomes more urbanized, researchers and city-dwellers alike...

20 01 2018 / Posted by Nimnaka
Top 10 Most Beautiful Birds in Colombo

Purple Swamphen, locally known as Kithala, is a very common and easily spot-able bird in wetlands in Colombo. This hen-sized bird has long legs, distinctive sheeny purple colored wings, and...

24 12 2017 / Posted by Nimnaka
No substitute, Sri Lankan cooking tools

Although traditional kitchens generally do not exist in the modern world, a fully equipped Sri Lankan kitchen still includes traditional tools. These cannot be substituted because they enhance the taste...

22 11 2017 / Posted by Nimnaka
Colombo Urban Wildlife Calendar

Colombo is residence to nearly 2 million humans as well as to an amazing abundance of wildlife. The city is surrounded by freshwater bodies, parks, streets, sanctuaries, beaches and natural...

29 09 2017 / Posted by Nimnaka
Top 10 Secrets behind the Sri Lankan kitchen

Kitchen is the heart of the house; similarly, Sri Lankans consider the kitchen to be a place of sacred and prosperity, giving energy to the family. Sri Lankans often worship...

17 09 2017 / Posted by Nimnaka
Top 10 Unusual Things to Do in Colombo

Cooking in a different country is the best way to get close to the culture and local etiquette – most of what you need to know is connected to the...

08 09 2017 / Posted by Nimnaka