Cooking Class Ella, Kandy, Colombo: Where to take?

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Cooking Class Ella, Kandy Colombo

Sri Lanka is a marvelous island with beautiful beaches, rich biodiversity, and vibrant culture. While its pristine beaches, picturesque landscapes, wildlife, and archaeological sites are frequently visited and experienced by tourists, culture remains less explored compared to the above. Reason being the activities focused on giving a cultural experience are relatively limited. Being a culture enthusiast who loves to live like a local wherever I am, I chose to explore the less popular culture activities. Knowing cooking is the best option to get closer to any culture; by experience, I opted to take some cooking tours and classes around the island. Of course, I could not find any other lifestyle-related activities either.It took me by surprise to understand that the culture of this small island nation is nothing less compared to its beauty or history, in terms of diversity, richness, and vibrancy. Sri Lanka offers various cooking and food-related activities ranging from food tours to cooking classes. There are several options in different parts of the country, Cooking Class Ella, Kandy, Colombo being the hotspots amongst the travelers.Going by popular opinion, as Colombo is urbanized compared to other areas of the country, so you might think Colombo is not a good option to experience and learn authentic Sri Lankan Cooking. However, the reality is the opposite. Let’s get into a few important aspects to see why would we recommend Colombo for a cooking experience.


Largest & Oldest Markets

Oldest and Largest Local Market tour in Sri Lanka, Cooking Class Ella, Kandy, Colombo

The local market tour is a vital part of a successful cooking class as it is where you get a closer look at local vegetables, spices, and the local way of life. There are local markets in almost every town in the country, but most of them are open only on a specific day of the week. However, Colombo being the commercial capital and principal city of the country, it has local markets running daily due to the high demand. So, in terms of access to the local market daily, Colombo has a competitive advantage. Also, Colombo has the Largest and Oldest market in Sri Lanka, which are family-friendly, an open-air market where local farmers bring fresh, locally-grown produce directly to you. 


Greater variety of local produce

Diverse Range of Local Produce

Usually, the markets in remote areas contain regional vegetables, fruits, spices, etc. On the contrary, Colombo being the economic hub of the country, its markets are flooded with stuff from all over the country, making anything and everything available there. So, even the rarest seasonal vegetable, tropical fruit or spice can be found somewhere in Colombo’s markets. Means Colombo markets have enough regular stuff than the countryside. 


Foodie Capital of Sri Lanka

Foodie Capital of Sri Lanka

Colombo as a multi-ethnic, multi-religious city with all walks of life it has the right mix of culture. Then Colombo is the foodie capital of Sri Lanka where you can taste from street food to all regional taste, traditional dishes to immigrant meals at one place. City dwellers are fortunate enough to have better access to all regional taste in Colombo. Naturally, they need to have a good idea about different flavours from different parts of the country through local cities are limited to their regional taste. So, in Colombo, you get cooking classes making dishes of all regional tastes whereas in other areas you get only regional flavours. 


Hands on experience

Hands On Cooking Class, Where to take Cooking Class in Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan Cooking classes fall into two basic categories. Demonstration & Hands-on. Ella, Negombo, Galle, Kandy are famous destinations for cooking demonstrations. Demonstration classes demonstrate how to cook the dish, cutting vegetables or stirring a pot, and there is very little or no hands-on experience. However, Colombo, Rustic Cooking Class, started first-ever hands-on cooking experience in Sri Lanka to allow you to get the real hands-on experience. Further, due to the high competition in Colombo, they regularly update the format and the content of their classes to give you a better Sri Lankan cooking experience


Easy transportation access

Easy Transportation for Cooking Class

With the development of Colombo centric expressways, it is only a matter of one hour even from Galle or Negombo So, even if you are relaxing at the beach, down south or Negombo you can quickly travel to Colombo for a great cooking experience without disturbing your vacation. Additionally, a new expressway, that connects the centre of the country with Colombo, is being built and you will be able to reach Colombo from Kandy way faster than it used to be, soon

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