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Sri Lanka market tour

27 12 2019 / Posted by Nimnaka
Cooking Class Ella, Kandy, Colombo: Where to take?

The local market tour is a vital part of a successful cooking class as it is where you get a closer look at local vegetables, spices, and the local way...

10 07 2019 / Posted by Nimnaka
The Best Cooking Classes in Sri Lanka

This Gourmet market tour is a Cultural Introduction. In Sri Lankan Cooking, the market plays a vital role. Traditionally, Sri Lankans are used to visit the market at least once...

11 05 2019 / Posted by Nimnaka
Cooking Class Sri Lanka Image Gallery and Reviews

When planning our trip to Sri Lanka many months ago we decided our top priority was an authentic Sri Lankan Cooking Class! Nim and his companions at Rustic tours did...

29 01 2019 / Posted by Nimnaka
Kochkurs Sri Lanka mit Marktbesuch

Erleben Sie den Kochkurs Sri Lanka mit Marktbesuch. Holen Sie sich praktische Erfahrungen, indem Sie gemeinsam authentische Gerichte aus Sri Lanka zubereiten. Genießen Sie das Zerkleinern, mahlen und mischen von...

18 08 2018 / Posted by Nimnaka
No substitute, Sri Lankan cooking tools

Although traditional kitchens generally do not exist in the modern world, a fully equipped Sri Lankan kitchen still includes traditional tools. These cannot be substituted because they enhance the taste...

22 11 2017 / Posted by Nimnaka
Top 10 Secrets behind the Sri Lankan kitchen

Kitchen is the heart of the house; similarly, Sri Lankans consider the kitchen to be a place of sacred and prosperity, giving energy to the family. Sri Lankans often worship...

17 09 2017 / Posted by Nimnaka
Top 10 Unusual Things to Do in Colombo

Cooking in a different country is the best way to get close to the culture and local etiquette – most of what you need to know is connected to the...

08 09 2017 / Posted by Nimnaka